Healthwatch Essex – Focus group

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Healthwatch Essex would like to know your experiences with PND.

Did you think the support from the NHS, after the birth of your baby was adequate?

How easy/difficult was it to access support & help?

Did you tell anyone, if so who?

Did anything stop you from visiting your GP for help?

Was your GP helpful?

Did you attend counselling, if so was it worthwhile?

How would you like to see support for women with PND being improved?

In an ideal world, what would support for women/families suffering from PND look like?

There is a focus group running on 20th August 2014 at Braintree Town Hall, Market Square, Braintree CM7 3YG from 6pm-9pm. This will focus on people who have used natal mental health services either during or or after pregnancy. Mothers, fathers, carers etc are all welcome to attend.

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